Pulsar II™

Delivering Innovative Solutions With Hydro Mechanical Wound Debridement

  • Portable design and all fluid capture capability allows system to be easily used at home
  • 15 Psi delivery of pulsated fluid maximizes wound bed cleansing
  • No cumbersome suction device needed

Attributes of Pulsar II™ 

  • [System is CE marked, FDA cleared and registered in over 50 countries.
  • [Hydro mechanical debridement rids the wound of devitalized tissue without disrupting the underlying healthy tissue.
  • [Entire hydro mechanical debridement system is disposable and all fluids are captured and totally contained in custom designed wound irrigation bags.
  • [The irrigator delivers positive pressure saline solution or antimicrobial fluid at 15 Psi Pulsar II™ produces constant rapid iterations of tissue compression that mechanically dislodge bacteria, nonviable tissue, and debris biofilm from the wound bed.
  • [At the completion of each irrigation debridement treatment granulation tissue begins to heal the wound.

What sets Pulsar II™ apart from other debridement methods?

  • Pulsar II™ will never increase the size of the wound because it NEVER removes viable tissue.
  • Pulsar II™ removes in excess of 80% of biofilm and other bioload every three minute treatment.
  • Unlike most other treatments Pulsar does not need to be used by a trained member of staff, often is administer by patients family member.
  • Pulsar II™ can be used in any setting, bedside, clinic, patients home, war zones, ambulance.
  • Safe totally enclosed system making it safe for patient, caregiver and surrounding areas.
  • with frequent use of Pulsar II™, the pulsating action of the fluid will help generate new granulation tissue.


  • RStarts to reduce unpleasant smells.
  • RRemoves in excess of 80% bioload including biofilm, slough, exudate and necrotic tissue.
  • RLeaves a cleaner looking wound.


  • RFoul odor should abate so wound will no longer smell.
  • RAgain in excess of 80% of biofilm and bioload is removed.
  • RFirst signs of the wound becoming unstalled are apparent.


  • RInflammation period is being pushed through and patient is feeling less pain.
  • RWound is looking a lot cleaner due to in excess of 80% of biofilm and bioload being removed on the two previous treatments.
  • ROften signs of granulation will be present enabling clinical decisions to be made such as negative pressure, dressings, skin graft etc.
  • RIf not it may be necessary to carry on for another couple of days.


Standard tip and flexible tunnel tip

  • Standards tip Delivers fluid to the wound bed in pulsating manner and enables caregiver to get very close (1cm away) to the wound for maximum results.
  • Removes after each treatment and is disposed of into the bag with the bioload. 
  • Flexible tunnel tip (only to be used by professionals)  This is the only piece of the system that requires it to touch the patient as it is inserted into the tunnel wound (fistular)
  • The tunnel tip is easily attached to the pulsar and is made of safe, soft pvc free tubing with graduation marks to ensure you are aware as to how deep the tip is being inserted. 

Irrigation Bags

  • Pulsar II™ offers a totally closed system by the use of irrigation bags designed for every part of the body in just two designs sacral/trunk/body and extremity/leg/arm, they totally seal off the wound making for a leak proof enclosed system for the pulsar II™ irrigator to deliver 3 litres of fluid to the wound site. 
  • The irrigation bags have granules in the collection pouch that encapsulate and neutralise any harmful bacteria such as MRSA HIV Hepatitis. 
  • The granules can absorb upto 5 litres of fluid. 


  • Designed for peak performance, reliable operation and effective irrigation using hydro mechanical debridement.
  • Optimized pulse strength, pulse frequency and flow rate: Max pressure 15Psi, High speed flow rate up to 1200ML/M. LOW speed flow rate up to 600ML/M. 15psi is the optimum pressure to remove non viable tissue without harming the viable tissue.
  • Ensures a clean environment for treatment of a wound anywhere. 
  • No touch technique so less traumatic for the patient. 
  • Proven clinical results.


Chronic Wounds Caused By

Applicable Departments

Applicable Situations

  1. Accident/Emergency
  2. Bedside/Ward
  3. Nursing Home
  4. Clinics
  5. Patients Home


PULSAR II ™ In Action


Highly Effective

  • Pulsar II™ can effectively remove biofilm and other bioload whilst preserving the healthy underlying tissue, at the same time the Pulsar II micro massages the capillaries with the pulsating action of the fluid stimulating new granulation tissue. 
  • Removes over 80% of biofilm and other bioload such as slough, exudate and even necrotic tissue each 3 minute treatment. *
  • Irriagtion Bags provide closed environment to prevent splashing, eliminate cross-infection and lower the risk of cross-infection



* Ostomy Wound Management,2007;Vol 53(4):64

Better Patient Tolerance

  • One 3 minute debridement can remove in excess of 80% of biofilm and other bioload without the frequent need of surgical debridement and most all cases the patient is free of pain. 
  • Totally portable and can be done anywhere as no special environment restrictions are necessary, hence can even be done in the patients own home in most cases by a family member (with prior instruction).
  • No touch and no suction required making for a pain free treatment.
  • Each treatment takes only 3 minutes to deliver 3 litres of fluid to the wound.

Lower Healthcare Costs

  • Reduces the need for costly surgical procedures from surgical Debridement and skin grafts to amputations.
  • Documented as cost effective when trialed against other treatment modalities.
  • Reduces the need for continued use of antibiotics reduces hospital re admissions by treating and eliminating wound infections. 
  • More patients are able to be treated on a daily basis due to portability and reduced time per debridement.
  • Patients can remain at home for treatment.